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LUXURY CRUISES FOR LESS Lindblad Cruises 2020
Lindblad Sea Cloud 2020
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South America
Built in 1931 by Wall Street businessman E.F. Hutton for his wife, Marjorie Mayweather Post, no other ship can compare the grace, fine service, and the joy of sailing that is the Sea Cloud. Sea Cloud boasts of cabins and two owner's suites filled with antique and period-style furniture. Cabins on the Promenade and Captain's Deck have modern and stylish furniture. Enjoy local and Continental meals aboard the ship, along with some wine or another refreshment of choice. While on-board enjoy talks or presentations by the expedition staff, located in the Lounge. The covered Lido Bar is a superb place congregate and enjoy the outdoors or relax in the open air "Blue Lagoon." Guests are welcome on the “Open Bridge” learn how Sea Cloud is navigated and sailed.
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